PPE Distribution: A Fight Against COVID

As a reputable charity organization in Silver Spring, Maryland, we discern Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ‘s crucial role in battling COVID-19. Notwithstanding numerous challenges, we significantly impact our community by distributing facemasks and hand sanitizers.

The distribution centers primarily on vulnerable, underserved populations, preventing additional cases to a strained healthcare system. As a nonprofit organization in Maryland, our commitment extends beyond PPE distribution.

The pandemic has exponentially heightened the need for widespread educational assistance. Schools were compelled to switch to virtual learning, leaving many of our children vulnerable due to the lack of necessary resources. Against this backdrop, we are tirelessly working to supplement these deficiencies and ensure that our children maintain access to quality education during these troubling times.

At our core, we are a humanitarian organization with a mission to improve the lives of Sierra Leoneans and Americans. We understand that many families have been affected drastically by this pandemic, grappling with job loss, food scarcity, and infrastructure shortcomings. Our team is beating this path to provide an essential lifeline in these critical areas, from offering food aid to implementing projects that create job opportunities and empowering families to rise above adversity.

Barely noticeable to the untrained eye, the consequences of the current crisis are subtly becoming contributing factors in children’s homelessness. The economic impact is pushing families over the edge, triggering a problem within a situation. As we navigate this complex interface, our focus includes institute projects to support children affected by homelessness, ensuring they still have access to opportunities for a brighter future, regardless of their current predicament.

As we continue our fight against COVID-19, we warmly welcome everyone to join our journey. To learn more about our initiatives or to offer support, contact us at the Jafai Support Foundation.

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