Homelessness in Children: Contributing Factors


Homelessness among children is a complex issue. Homeless children are at a higher risk of teenage pregnancy, child abuse, drug use, and criminality. Addressing child homelessness requires a comprehensive approach; for example, providing affordable housing for impoverished families, mental health treatments, educational opportunities, and many more.

Jafai Support Foundation is a humanitarian organization committed to saving the lives of underprivileged children and families in the United States and Sierra Leone, Africa. Here are some contributing factors to child homelessness you may not have known about:

  • Family Instability

    Family instability is one of the most common causes of child homelessness. Factors like parental unemployment, underemployment, divorce, and the loss of a primary caregiver create an environment where it can be difficult for children to embrace opportunities. It makes children leave home due to stress, discontent, and desperation. As a nonprofit organization in Maryland, we provide support services like providing shelter, educational institutions, welfare, and health support to help children and their families combat homelessness.

  • Poverty

    Children living in poverty are at a greater risk of becoming homeless. Low-income families have limited access to resources, making it more challenging for them to maintain stable housing. Our charity organization in Silver Spring, Maryland, can help children combat homelessness by providing them with opportunities to uplift themselves.

  • Education Challenges

    Family instability, drug use, trauma, and abuse can disrupt a child’s education, causing long-term negative effects on their academic performance and future opportunities, leading to an increased risk of homelessness.

We provide children with educational assistance to help them develop skills and talents to increase their future employability and open doors of opportunity for them. Our programs also provide children with an orphanage home, allowing them to grow into great individuals. Call us!

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