About Us

Charity Organization in Silver Spring, Maryland

imageFounded in 2013 by Ms. Fatima Savage, JAFAI Support Foundation is a nonprofit, humanitarian, charity organization in Silver Spring, Maryland that deals with vulnerable, abused women, the disabled, and underprivileged children for the purpose of empowering and transforming their lives. JAFAI Support Foundation is in the process of providing shelter, educational institutions, welfare, and health support, as well as job placement for these needy individuals and families. This, in return, will allow them to transform and empower their lives so that they may become independently resourceful citizens of the U.S. and Sierra Leone.

The flood of homeless children, particularly the young girls, has led to an increase of teenage pregnancy which has diverted the attention of these teenagers to adopt different lifestyles among their peers. Homelessness has also resulted in the affliction of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. According to a survey done by JAFAI Support Foundation in five African communities, 80 percent of the young girls were sexually abused and then abandoned by older men. Thus, most of these vulnerable women and young girls were left to suffer in miserable conditions and to dwell in slums and market places. Their living conditions continue to get worse and worse.

With the support of donors, JAFAI Support Foundation will definitely achieve its objectives as highlighted in the project proposal.

These issues require immediate intervention to address the numerous problems of homeless children, the disabled, and abused and abandoned women in the United States and Sierra Leone.