Challenges Impoverished Families Face


Poverty has wide-reaching consequences for family stability and family life. It decreases access to educational opportunities, health support, and career growth. Promoting economic opportunities and providing social support systems for families in need can help impoverished families break out of the cycle of poverty and improve their overall well-being.

Jafai Support Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Maryland that organizes programs to help families in need in the United States and Sierra Leone, Africa. We help uplift impoverished families by helping them address many challenges they face in their lives. Some of the challenges impoverished families face or experience include:

  • Limited Access to Education

    Education is not a top priority for many impoverished families because they often have to focus on other needs, like shelter and food. Limited access to education can perpetuate the cycle of poverty because quality education brings greater opportunities for families and their children. We can help uplift families in need by providing them with educational assistance where they can develop profitable talents and skills.

  • Healthcare Disparities

    Limited access to quality healthcare is one of the main causes of poverty for many families. Health cannot be compromised, and treatment for health issues can be expensive, making it more difficult for families to get out of poverty. We provide programs to help families in need receive financial aid to promote their overall health and reduce the burden of poverty.

As a charity organization in Silver Spring, Maryland, we help children and families in need address challenges like homelessness and poverty by providing shelter, educational institutions, welfare, and health support. Reach us now!

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