Financial Aid in Silver Spring, Maryland

Meet Isatu at the school of the blind, she is a 4 year old blind and a very brilliant sweet girl. According to the authorities, she is in need of clothes and other form of help. With your support and JAFAI’s intervention we can transform Isatu’s life.

(1) District Education Committee (DEC) Primary School – DEC Primary School, which was founded in 1999, has got cracks in the walls, making it risky for the 178 pupils attending the school. Read more about it here.
(2) JAFAI Distributes PPEs – In the United States of America, Jafai Support Foundation, as part of its social cooperate responsibility, helped distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) such as face masks and hand sanitizers to those in need to prevent death the spread of the scourge.
(3) JAFAI’s Colepot-Making Project and Urgent COVID-19 Intervention in Sierra Leone – As Sierra Leoneans shift from the use of firewood to the use of charcoal to cook, the demand for colepots increases like wildfire in the harmattan. It has been beneficial to physically challenged persons who make these colepots to support their families, especially during such COVID-19 period. When the Coronavirus struck Sierra Leone in March 2020, Jafai Support Foundation made an urgent intervention by providing basic support (rice, oil, and other cooking condiments) to persons with disabilities at the Hastings Skills Training Centre in the Western Rural District. The beneficiaries, including widows, expressed the need for more support noting that the effect of the pandemic on them needs intervention from well-wishers. They wish to be taught how to catch fish instead of being given fish all the time. That is why they want to get into agriculture so they can feed themselves.
(4) JAFAI’s Financial Aid to PWDs in Sierra Leone – The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jafai Support Foundation, Haja Fatima Savage, gave financial support to persons with special needs in Sierra Leone, where a good number of physically challenged persons depend on street-begging.

The Foundation has deemed it fit to have some of these physically challenged youths be trained on colepot and agricultural tools-making, which will empower and make them independent.

(5) JAFAI Helps the Disabled Kids – Currently helping needy kids with disabilities, in the U.S. and Sierra Leone, with medical supplies, clothing, educational opportunities, and social skills.

(6) JAFAI Helps the Elderly – Currently helping the elderly with home care support. We are helping people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

(7) JAFAI Builds Water Wells for Polio Persons – Water is life! The Women and Girls Development Organization in Hastings, Sierra Leone had expressed to JAFAI that a water-well was their topmost need and challenge being that they have to struggle in wheelchairs and dangerously cross busy byways on a daily basis to fetch water. Out of humanitarian feeling, JAFAI’s CEO, Haja Fatima Savage had to intervene with what she called ‘her little resources’ put together in the United States to build water well. The Water Well Project continues with the men also stricken with Polio. Read more about it here.

(8) JAFAI Provides Free Mattresses for Polio Persons – The Secretary of the Hastings Polio Persons Organization, Isaac Kamara, has expressed his appreciation over the humanitarian efforts shown by JAFAI Support Foundation and their need for mattresses to sleep on. Many polio stricken individuals and families have to sleep in partially covered shelters on the ground. JAFAI’s CEO, Haja Fatima Savage, promised when visiting them that she would provide mattresses for those who are most in need. This project has started and continues as part of a great gesture towards disabled people in Sierra Leone. Read more about it here.

(9) JAFAI Takes Disabled on Outings – Most of the kids, abused women, and the disabled individuals in Sierra Leone have never been able to leave their immediate village due to lack of resources and transportation. JAFAI Support Foundation has begun bus trips to the beach and other areas where much needed recreation, such as swimming, tennis, contests, and soccer is possible for these individuals for the first time. The citizens are so grateful for these trips. Please donate now to help us keep these outings happening.

(10) SPONSOR AN INDIVIDUAL OR FAMILY – JAFAI is launching a new project so that caring donors can sponsor a specific individual or family. Your donation(s) will help support and help save lives directly. Please visit our BE A SPONSOR page on this website to make your individual choice.

(11) EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION – One of JAFAI’s future goals is to build an educational institution for the women, children, and disabled. This will help remove children from the streets and provide them with educational programs that will build their knowledge and self-esteem. Disabled individuals will also benefit from this institution to acquire skills that they can use to maintain and sustain their lives.

(12) ORPHANAGE HOME – Many children get abused and abandoned by parents or relatives. They face many life challenges at a young age and get deprived of their right to have an education, among others. JAFAI expands its effort to help underprivileged children by creating a home for them to foster into great individuals. For us to successfully accomplish this mission, we request your financial support. See our orphanage here.

JAFAI is doing great things for great people.” Please visit our DONATION page to choose a project to donate to.”