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Reaching Out and Allowing the Abandoned and Abused a Chance at Life.

As a charity organization in Silver Spring, Maryland, our goal is to help empower and transform the lives of the homeless and neglected in the U.S. and Sierra Leone. Click Here


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Welcome to Jafai Support Foundation

Educational Assistance in Silver Spring, Maryland

imgJAFAI Support Foundation is committed to saving the lives of the underprivileged through ongoing projects within the United States and Sierra Leone, Africa. JAFAI strives to improve the condition of people’s lives by providing shelter, health support, education, wheelchairs, mattresses, everyday supplies, job skills, and a lot more. JAFAI is answering the call because there are so many people who need life-saving assistance and there is so little time to act. We have assessed and identified the major areas of community need and have developed strategies to fill the need. But JAFAI cannot do it alone. We are in need of people with big hearts who can lend a hand through donations, sponsorship, and volunteers.

Please learn more about us and our advocacy, choose a project, be a Sponsor and spread the word about all the great work that JAFAI is doing with the help of others.


Our Mission Statement

To provide a shelter, educational institutions, wellness, health support and job placement for abused women, the disabled, and underprivileged children. About Us

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