Unraveling the Reasons Behind Orphanhood


There are several interconnected factors that place children in institutions. Although the reasons why children end up in orphanages and similar institutions look different in various contexts and countries, there are common factors that lead to orphanhood. As a charity organization in Silver Spring, Maryland, we will explore the reasons why children end up in orphanages:

  • Poverty and lack of resources.

    Poverty is one of the biggest factors that lead to children entering orphanages. Families facing poverty struggle to access essential services, such as healthcare, financial support, and educational assistance. This can cause difficulties when it comes to providing for their children’s basic needs.

  • Lack of alternative care options.

    At times, it can be unsafe for children to be with their birth families. When this occurs and there is no alternative family-based care available like foster care, authorities may determine that their only option is to place the child in an institution or shelter. A lack of social services can also contribute to children ending up in orphanages.

  • Discrimination.

    Some care systems may discriminate against certain groups of children, communities, and families. This may include children with disabilities. This discrimination leads to disproportionately higher numbers of children from certain ethnic groups and disabilities being respected in institutions.

Jafai Support Foundation is a reputable and trusted nonprofit organization in Maryland. We aim to expand our efforts to help underprivileged children by creating a nurturing and supportive home for them to grow and develop into great individuals. To learn how you can help us accomplish this mission, feel free to reach out to us.

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